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Xam’s Gems:


Xam’s Props:


Ravens To Win the AFC North +145

Broncos To Make the Playoffs -146

Vikings To Make the Playoffs -138

Red Sox Under 85.5 Wins -122

Tigers Over 78.5 Wins -110

Padres Under 89.5 Wins -122


Broncos -1.5 -105

Raiders/Seahawks Over 47.5 -110


Geno Smith Over 1.5 Passing Touchdowns -136

Justin Herbert Over 1.5 Passing Touchdowns -172

Buffalo Chicken is a staple in The Ultimate Lineup Household during football season.  It started because Buffalo Chicken Dip was the first think I made for us to enjoy while watching football and turned into a challenge of can I make a different buffalo chicken for each week of the season.  There are 18 weeks in the regular season of football… I started to run out of ideas fast, we expanded to allowing shrimp and I got my creativity back and came up with these egg rolls.  We wanted a different flavor profile so I added in BBQ chicken as well.  The beauty of this dish is you can make the mix beforehand and fry up fresh, or fry them and reheat in the oven/grill if you are using them for a tailgate or party.


What you need:

How to Make:

Cut Vegetables

Make your Meat Mixture

Prepare Egg rolls

Fry Egg Rolls


The Detailed Version with Pictures:

Step 1: Cut Vegetables

Step 2: Make your Meat Mixture

Step 3: Prepare Egg rolls

Step 4: Fry Egg Rolls


Step 4: ENJOY!

Bonus: I had extra wrappers that I cut into small squares and fried up to add to salads and other recipes for a crunch


Notre Dame/USC Over 63.5 Points -110

Avalanche Money Line -176


Michael Mayer Over 5.5 Receptions -130


Knicks Money Line -172


Jeff Skinner Over 2.5 Shots on Goal -160


Giants/Cowboys Over 45.5 Points -110

Vikings -2.5 -114


Stefon Diggs Over 6.5 Receptions -146

Daniel Jones Over 195.5 Passing Yards -113

Dalton Schultz Over 3.5 Receptions -148

I have 2 requirements for my dinner on the night before Thanksgiving: not poultry, and if I am going to cook it must be a quick and easy meal.  It must not be poultry (or anything in that vain)  because I know that I will be having Turkey tomorrow for dinner and will be eating the leftovers from the meal for at least a few days after.  It must be quick and easy, because I will be spending the entire day cooking tomorrow.

For those 2 reasons I usually eat Sushi for dinner the night before – that has the added benefit of no leftovers.  This year I am going to try something different…Beef.  The amazing part of this recipe is that is simple to make but has complexity in flavor.  The peanut/chili marinate and sauce give this sweet and spicy notes that are classic for the Asian flavors that inspired this meal.

Here are the shortcuts I use for this recipe to make it even easier when I really want to make prep take no-time:

Ok, now for the recipe:


1LB Steak (flank or strip work best)

Sushi Rice

1/4 cup Shredded Carrots

1/2 cup Chopped Cucumbers

Chopped Cilantro and Scallions for Garnish


2.5 TBLS Brown Sugar

2 tsp Chili oil

2 tsp Fish Sauce

Dipping Sauce:

4 TBLS Creamy Peanut Butter

4 TBLS HOT Water

3 tsp Lime Juice

3 tsp Chili Oil

2 tsp Fish Sauce

1.5 tsp Brown Sugar

2 minced Garlic Cloves

1.5 TBLS Cilantro

1 scallion chopped thinly

Prepare Steak and Marinade:

Prepare toppings

Cook rice

Prepare Sauce

Cook Meat

Combine in bowl


Step 1:  Prepare Steak and Marinade:

Step 2:  Prepare toppings

Step 3: Cook rice

Step 4: Prepare Sauce

Step 5: Cook Meat

Step 6: Combine in bowl

Step 7: ENJOY!


Penguins Money Line -134


Evgeni Malkin Over 2.5 Shots on Goal


Nets -8 -110


Kevin Durant Over 27.5 Points -120