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Xam Sports Consulting’s mission is to build a community through sports betting.  Our dream is to inspire and bring people together through rooting for the same outcome.  It’s not about the money, but about being together, even if we’re not physically in the same room.  Winning together is always better than winning alone.  We win and lose as one team.

We focus the strategy for the long term, building out Best Bets Strategy.

Best Bets is designed to be straightforward.  This is where you will find out best Picks for the day.  We will be offering Picks on MLB, NFL, NBA, and the hot sports for the day.  These are designed to use a flat betting strategy with our 1-3 Best Bets per day.

Sports Betting 101


Betting Markets:

  • Core: Bet on the game
    • Spread – The spread is essentially a handicap for both teams.  If the spread of a game is 7 points, you’ll see the favorite at -7 and the underdog at +7.  You would essentially be adding 7 points to the scoreboard to the underdog before the game begins.  The underdog is given this handicap because they’re expected to lose.  The underdog would have to lose by 6 or less (or win outright) for the bet to be a winner.  If the favored team wins by 8 or more, the favorite would be the winning selection.  If the favorite wins by exactly 7, that is called a Push, or tie in other words.  All bets on -7 and +7 would be returned to the bettor.
    • Money Line – This is a bet on who is going to win a sporting event.  When you bet the money line on a team, it doesn’t matter if that team wins by 1 or by 30.  A win is a win! Having said that, betting on favorites will earn you less money than by betting on underdogs.  This is because the favorite is expected to win.  Let’s say you want to bet on a team that is -158.  For every $158 you bet, you would be set to win $100. You’d get a total of $258 back.  If you bet on an underdog that is +170, for every $100 you bet, you’d win $170.  You would get a total return of $270.
    • Total – Betting on the total means you are betting on a total number of points being scored in the game.  It doesn’t matter what either team does in the game. If you bet on a football game to go Over 47 points, you want both teams to combine for 48 or more points. If both teams combine for 46 or less, that would be a losing wager.  If the game ends at exactly 47 points, that is a Push and you would get your original bet back.
  • Proposition Bet (Prop Bet): in the Game
    • Props are events that happen within a game (think Strike outs, Touchdowns, Made 3s)
  • Futures: through the Game
    • Bet on how a team will do in the future
    • Overall projected outcome for a season (ie Ravens to win the AFC North)
Bankroll Management:
  • We design our picks to use a flat betting strategy.  This means betting the same amount on every single pick.  Taking the emotion out of betting on a game since no one game caries more importance then another.  This is how we manage to “Bet with our head, not our heart”

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