Choosing the right sport for you and your family

Choosing the right sport for you and your family

Choosing the right sport for you and your family 298 198 The Ultimate Lineup

Choosing the right sport for you can be a fun and exciting process.   Although there is no one answer to choosing the right sport for yourself or your family, here are some tips to help you choose the right sport based on your characteristics:

1. Ask your friends or partner for recommendations. Getting recommendations from friends can be a great way to find a sport that’s right for you.

2.  Consider your health. If you have any health issues or injuries, it’s important to choose a sport that won’t aggravate them.

3. Try an assortment of sports first. Trying out different sports can help you find one that you enjoy and are good at.

4. Consider your physical characteristics. Your height, weight, and body type can all play a role in which sports are best suited for you.

5. Consider your interests. If you’re interested in a particular sport, it’s more likely that you’ll enjoy playing it.

6. Consider your personality and needs. If you’re competitive, team sports like basketball or soccer might be a good fit for you. If you prefer individual sports, running or swimming might be better suited for you.

7. Check out your lifestyle. If you have a busy schedule, it might be difficult to commit to team sports that require regular practices and games.

8. Consider your temperament. If you’re easily frustrated or discouraged, it might be best to choose a sport that’s less competitive.

When it comes to picking a sport by age, it’s important to consider whether a sport is age-appropriate for your child. As well as considering whether a sport is age-appropriate for your child, take into account how much they will enjoy the activity based on their maturity and abilities. Your child may show a natural preference for one activity over another, which shouldn’t be ignored.  Learn more at:  Is Your Child Ready for Sports? –

For older adults, there are multiple sports that can be adapted to their physical abilities and preferences. Think about non-traditional sports.  For example, bowling is a perfect sport for aging adults because you can choose a competitive or leisurely pace. There are multiple ways to adapt your game for both sitting and standing, for both limited joint range and arm strength to full strength, etc. It is also a great social sport for older adults looking to improve their social life.  Learn more at:  17 Therapist-Recommended Sports for Older Adults (Solo and Team Options) (