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Xam Sports Consulting’s mission is to build a community through sports betting.  Our dream is to inspire and bring people together through rooting for the same outcome.  It’s not about the money, but about being together, even if we’re not physically in the same place.  Winning together is always better than winning alone.  We win and lose as one team.

We focus the strategy for the long term, building on our Best Bets Strategy.

Best Bets is designed to be straightforward.  This is where you will find our best Picks for the day.  We will be offering Picks on MLB, NFL, NBA, and the hot sports for the day.  These are designed to use a flat betting strategy with our 1-3 Best Bets per day.

As Xam Sees It

Should Bets on Injured Players be Refunded? 1125 750 The Ultimate Lineup

Should Bets on Injured Players be Refunded?

When Aaron Rodgers went down for the season with his torn Achilles, he effectively settled every Futures bet placed on him. Everyone who bet on him to go Over his total (passing yards for the game, passing touchdowns for the season, etc) lost, and everyone who bet on the Under won. Naturally, people who bet the Over across various markets were upset. The logic goes that he only played 4 snaps this season, so he had no chance to hit any of his totals this year. Some Sportsbooks decided to refund these wagers, while other Sportsbook did not.

The question is whether or not bettors should expect refunds or not. Of course, it’s always nice when a Sportsbook decides to offer this to customers, but they are certainly not obligated to. No one ever seems to feel sorry for all the Under bets that Sportsbooks are paying out, and of course, they’d never expect or have rules that they could void those bets.

Bettors need to understand that betting is a form of gambling, which of course carries risk. It’s always nice to get a break from the Sportsbook, but bettors should not feel like they are required to do so. This may cause bettors to want to use different Sportsbooks that may be more inclined to offer refunds when players get hurt, but it doesn’t mean they’ll offer this every time it happens, and there’s other rules you’d have to be aware of when placing bets with that Sportsbook.

It’s a tough situation whenever a star player gets hurt. There isn’t one right answer. However, if bettors come to accept that all bets carry risk, and that they never expect a refund from the Sportsbook, they’ll be in a better position to succeed and enjoy betting on sports. It’s always important to remember that injuries can be beneficial as well.

Injuries are part of the highs and lows of sports betting. It’s part of the deal whenever a bet is placed.

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Picks For 9-21 2201 1467 The Ultimate Lineup

Picks For 9-21

Xam’s Gem(s): Phillies Money Line -164 The Phillies are leading the way in the wild card race while the Mets are playing out the rest of a disappointing season. Ranger Suarez has pitched well lately, to the tune of a 3.32 ERA over his last 7 starts. David Peterson, meanwhile, has struggled this year with…

Picks For 9-20 2201 1467 The Ultimate Lineup

Picks For 9-20

Xam’s Gem(s): Angels/Rays Over 8 Runs -110 Both starters have been ineffective recently, but Reid Detmers hasn’t been very good much at all this year. His ERA for the year sits at 4.77. Over his last 7 games, however, he’s been even worse, with a 5.94 ERA. The Rays have been hitting a lot recently…

Picks For 9-19 2201 1467 The Ultimate Lineup

Picks For 9-19

Xam’s Gem(s): Cubs Money Line -172 If there was ever a team desperate for a win, it’s the Cubs. They are 2-8 in their last 10 games. Fortunately for them, they are still holding onto a wild card spot, but they’re tied with the Reds and only 1/2 a game up on the Marlins! Javier…

Picks For 9-18 2201 1467 The Ultimate Lineup

Picks For 9-18

Xam’s Gem(s): Mets/Marlins Over 8.5 Runs -118 The Mets are starting someone with a career ERA over 5, and the Marlins are throwing someone with a 4.52 ERA. The Marlins spent the weekend scoring a ridiculous 36 runs, and the Mets have scored 7 or more runs in 4 of the last 6 games. Neither…

9/11-9/17 Weekly Recap 474 177 The Ultimate Lineup

9/11-9/17 Weekly Recap

9/11-9/17 Weekly Recap: Monday: 2-5 Tuesday: 2-1 Wednesday: 2-3 Thursday: 5-2 Friday: 3-6 Saturday: 4-2 Sunday: 3-4 21-23 (47.72%)

Picks For 9-17 1707 2560 The Ultimate Lineup

Picks For 9-17

Xam’s Gem(s): Falcons Money Line -146 The Packers will be without Christian Watson and Aaron Jones today on the road. That usually doesn’t spell success for a young quarterback. Atlanta’s defense was stiff last week against Carolina, generating 8 quarterback hits on Bryce Young. Look for Atlanta to lean on the run game again. If…

Picks For 9-16 1707 2560 The Ultimate Lineup

Picks For 9-16

Xam’s Gem(s): Penn State/Illinois Over 48.5 Points -108 Led by QB Drew Allar, Penn State has gotten off to a great start offensively this year. They have averaged over 50 points per game in their first 2 games! They have averaged over 500 yards per game and have done whatever they wanted to offensively. They…

Picks For 9-15 2201 1467 The Ultimate Lineup

Picks For 9-15

Xam’s Gem(s): Yankees Money Line -172 Despite a disappointing season, the Yankees have been playing better recently. Tonight they send the overwhelming favorite for the AL Cy Young award to the mound. The Pirates are countering with a guy who’s pitched 7.1 innings and given up 6 earned runs in his last 2 starts. The…

Picks For 9-14 1707 2560 The Ultimate Lineup

Picks For 9-14

Xam’s Gem(s): Blue Jays Money Line -156 Good teams rarely lose 4 straight times to the same team at home. The Blue Jays turn to Kevin Gausman, who’s given up 3 earned runs or less in 5 of his last 6 starts. Meanwhile, Nathan Eovaldi has only gone 3.2 innings in 2 starts since his…

Xam’s Futures

Ravens to win the AFC North +145
Broncos to make the playoffs -146
Vikings to make the playoffs -138
Red Sox under 85.5 wins -122
Tigers over 78.5 wins -110
Padres under 89.5 wins -122

Futures Strategy

Sometimes, instead of betting on an individual game, you’d rather bet on an entire season. This gives you something to root for over the course of the entire season, as opposed to just one game. Futures betting can be a way to keep you engaged during the entire season. Betting on Futures brings season-long excitement and a change from the typical highs and lows of daily sports betting. Whether you prefer betting on season win totals, certain teams to make the playoffs, or a dark horse to make a Cinderella run to the Super Bowl, Futures betting will enhance your sports betting experience!

Bankroll Management

We design our picks to use a flat betting strategy. This means betting the same amount on every single pick. Taking the emotion out of betting on a game since no one game caries more importance then another. This is how we manage to “Bet with our head, not our heart”

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