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What is the Ultimate Gameday Lifestyle

What are you doing while you are watching your favorite sports teams, waiting to see how your picks pan out?  Here at the Ultimate Lineup we center around what you are eating, drinking, and doing while engaging in sports.  We are you one-stop-shop for all sports and sports betting experience, weather you are at the game, watching the game, by yourself, with friends or family.  We provide you with information, ideas, and lineups to be able to enjoy your Ultimate Gameday Lifestyle, everyday is Gameday!

Gameday Blog

Memorable Moment: Blocked by James!

When thinking of all the recent memorable moments in the NBA Finals, one of the best in recent memory has to be Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals. The series was between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors had the greatest regular season of all time, finishing with 73 wins, […]

NBA Playoff Spotlight: Nuggets Roll Thanks to Stars

Coming into Game 3 of the NBA Finals, we talked about how Jamal Murray needed to step up from a disappointing Game 2 performance. Nikola Jokic has done whatever he wanted to do in this series, but the Nuggets would need more from Robin to help Batman finish the job and get another win closer […]

NBA Playoff Spotlight: Who’s the Key for Game 3?

It goes without saying that winning Game 3 of a best-of-7 series is of utmost importance. When the NBA Finals were tied 1-1, the team that won Game 3 went on to win the series 32 out of 40 times! That’s an 80% success rate! That may sound extreme, but it makes sense if you […]

Steak & Shrimp Skewers: Perfect For Gameday

It’s hard to find a classic combination of food that goes together as well as steak and shrimp. “Surf and Turf” has been around for a long time. However, that can get messy! Whne you’re watching the game or hanging with friends, you want to eat something that’s delicious, filled with flavor, and easy to […]

Lamb Chops & Vegetables

It’s hard to think of a better gameday meal than lamb chops and vegetables! Whether you’re cooking before you watch your favorite team, cooking for your family, or just grilling on the deck, this recipe is perfect for any occasion! We believe cooking on the grill makes everything tastes better. We are grilling bone-in lamb chops […]

A Hole in One? What the Merger Between LIV and PGA Means

LIV Golf and the PGA Tour announced that they would be merging, according to multiple reporters and news outlets. LIV and PGA have been competing for years now, with LIV doing everything they can to lure top golfers to their side. They managed to sign several top players, including Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, […]

Hiking: A great activity with family and friends.

With the warm days of summer fast approaching our thoughts turn to ways to spend time outside.  Hiking is a great way to spend time with your family and friends, get outside and enjoy nature. The definition of hiking is “to walk or march a great distance, especially through rural areas, for pleasure, exercise, military […]

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