Oh, to be a student athlete!

Oh, to be a student athlete!

Oh, to be a student athlete! The Ultimate Lineup

Do your kids like to play sports?  Do they want to start or continue playing sports in school?  The NCAA website https://www.ncaa.org is a great resource as it is never too soon to start your athlete off on the right road.  According to the website their mission and priorities focus on academics, fairness and well-being across college sports.


To get the most out of college, student-athletes have to suc­ceed on the court and in the classroom. The NCAA provides opportunities to learn, compete and grow on and off the field. The ultimate goal of the college experience is graduation, and college athletes are graduating at rates that are higher than ever.


With so much changing in college sports, rule changes are focused on improving the student-ath­lete experience. The NCAA is committed to providing a fair, inclusive and fulfilling environment for student-athletes and giving them a voice in the decision-making process.


In 1906, the NCAA was founded to keep college athletes safe. The Association is still working hard to protect them physically and mentally. Through its Sport Science Institute, the NCAA provides recommendations and guidelines to ensure college athletes are getting the best care possible.