Sports Betting Review: Are Parlays Worth It?

Sports Betting Review: Are Parlays Worth It?

Sports Betting Review: Are Parlays Worth It? 150 150 The Ultimate Lineup

There’s no question that parlays are incredibly popular among the betting public. Whether it’s a $2 20 leg longshot, or a 2-4 leg bet that has favorites on them or alternate legs, bettors are always trying to come up with unique bets.

However, the question we have to ask ourselves is whether or not it’s in our best interest to mmake these types of bets? Of course, there’s a reason Sportsbooks offer parlays. Margin historically goes up for Sportsbooks when bettors wager on parlays. Just think about how hard it is to win a single bet. There’s so much variance that goes into a game. How does the team perform that night? Are the best players performing as you expected? We have never put out a parlay wager, and you can see the ups and downs that come with betting on individual games. Even when you bet on player props, you are betting on performance from a player, and hoping the other team performs as you expect. Now in a parlay, you’re hoping for multiple outcomes to go in your favor. Yes, the high payouts can be scintillating. But that’s why Sportsbooks offer them! Sportsbooks weren’t built on bettors hitting on these big parlays.

There’s so much variance in sports these days. Teams that are favored lose all the time. Even big favorites lose often. The Dodgers, Astros, Mets, and Yankees are projected to be among the best teams in baseball this year. They’ll all lose a minimum of 60 games this year, and they’re going to be favored in a vast majority of games they play this year. The same can be said for the worst teams in the league. They’ll win 50-60 games this season. As the saying goes, the other side is getting paid too.

In conclusion, betting parlays are not worth it, in our view. There’s a reason Sportsbooks offer them, and why they’ll almost always take that action when a bettor wants it. To us, you’re better off making straight bets. Don’t give the Sportsbooks any extra margin! They already take plenty of it, even on -110 bets. As we know, lines are often juiced. If you bet the money line on a favorite, it’s even more juiced! The Sportsbook has plenty of natural advantages. We shouldn’t be giving them any extra edge.