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Posted on May 18, 2023

Before you can enjoy your cigar, it will first need to cut.  A bad cut will ruin even the best of cigars, so it’s important to cut your smoke correctly.  Make sure you have a good quality cutter.  There are many cutter types on the market.  The three most popular ones are: the guillotine, punch and V.  The guillotine has a straight edge and cuts off the tip of the cigar.  The punch is best used on a rounded tip, on top of the cigar.  This cutter makes a whole in the center of the top of the cigar. The V cut makes a v shape cut at the top.  The V cut could be challenging to use on a tapered tip cigar but it can be done carefully.  A good cut is important.  It will ensure a proper draw on the cigar to make for the best smoking experience.

The purpose of the cut is to create an ample, smooth opening for smoking without damaging the cigar’s integrity.   To accomplish this means cutting away part of the cap on the head that closes the cigar, while leaving some of it glued around the end to keep the filler leaves together.  Start by identifying the shoulder of the cigar-the place where the curved end of the cigar starts to straighten out. This is where you’ll make your cut.

Place the head of the cigar inside the opening of the double-bladed cutter, and slightly close the blades so they are just touching the cigar. This keeps the cigar properly positioned and prevents motion, which might lead to tearing or to the cut happening in the wrong place.  Once the cigar is in position, cut it boldly using swift, even pressure.

Review your cut.  Make sure it is a clean cut.  Remove any frayed tobacco after you make the cut.  It is very difficult to redo a cut with a punch or a V cut.  You can take a chance on a recut but it is likely to damage the cigar.  It is easier to use a guillotine on a recut.

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