The Key to Being a Successful Sports Bettor

The Key to Being a Successful Sports Bettor

The Key to Being a Successful Sports Bettor 150 150 The Ultimate Lineup

Everyone wants to know what the key is to be a successful (aka winning) sports bettor. If you have the key to being a successful bettor, you could make a lot of money, either from betting games, or from selling the information you have. So the theory goes, anyways.

So what is the key to being a successful bettor? Is it only betting on sports you know? Never betting above your means? Not chasing after bad losses? Only bet the underdog? Someof these are definitely recommended, but a lot of people already do this. Everyone likes to think their strategy is ultimately the best, of course. However, there is one trait that stands above the rest, and it’s a practice that is rarely preached in the industry.

Act like you’ve been there before. Whether it’s a winning streak, a losing streak, a crazy come from behind win, or a gut-wrenching last second loss, act like you’ve been there before. Chances are, if you’ve been betting long enough, you have been there before. The key to being a successful sports bettor is never getting too high or too low. We’ve recommended thousands of Picks on our website. We’ve seen it all! Crazy wins, even crazier losses, and everything in between. And yet, regardless of our results from the day before, we come back for more the next day. Consistency matters, but we never think we’re better than we are and we never think we’re worse than we are. We believe that’s a guiding principle that has served us well, and we will stand by that no matter what happens.

When you don’t put any extra stock into one individual bet, you set yourself up for better long-term success. It also makes sports betting that much more enjoyable, because you know, no matter what happens, there’s always tomorrow.