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Under Armour: Supporting companies that support female athletes

Posted on April 28, 2023

You work hard for your money.  With sporting equipment and apparel so expensive you want to make sure that you are supporting companies that support your athletes. Under Armour is doing just that.  Under Armour believes that the power of sport can unite, inspire, and change the world.  They are creating opportunities for millions of youths to engage in sports by 2030.

Under Armour believes everyone deserves the right to engage in sport. That’s why they are making a new, long-term commitment of resources, focus and energy to help break down barriers that limit access to sport across the globe.

“The opportunities sport provide are endless and critical to society,” said Under Armour CEO Patrik Frisk. “From teaching kids to be good teammates and good leaders, to how to take accountability and work hard for their goals, having access to sport is fundamental to developing skills that will empower young athletes on and off the field, pitch or court. It’s our responsibility to break down barriers for those who strive for more by creating opportunities for millions of youth to engage in sports by 2030.”

Under this new commitment, Under Armour will focus on supporting youth athletes in their journey to compete through three focus areas:

  • Pathways: Increasing opportunities for young people to engage in organized, structured, and competitive sports programming.
  • People: Bringing together coaches, organizations, and community stakeholders to help break down barriers to sports engagement and create a lasting change.
  • Performance: Continuing to provide the performance solutions, resources and tools that athletes need to achieve their best.

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