Why is March Madness so Captivating?

Why is March Madness so Captivating?

Why is March Madness so Captivating? 150 150 The Ultimate Lineup

Every year, it seems, we become captivated by college athletes playing basketball. What is it about March, that turns every bracket into a slaughterhouse? Is that we’re all college basketball fanatics? No. Do we know all the teams and strategies employed by all 68 teams, from powerhouses like the Houston Cougars to the scrappy underdogs like the Providence Friars? For most of us, the answer to that is also no.

So what is it, then? For most of us, it’s the realization that for 99.99% of athletes stepping onto that court, that this is it. This is the height of their athletic careers. Kids from all over the world have spent years and years to get to this moment. And we see the emotion that comes with that. Every single bucket is contested. Every 3 point shot is magnified by the eruption from the bench. There’s something to be said for the fact that players on 16th seeded FDU will never, ever forget beating 1st seeded Purdue. No matter where life takes those players and coaches, they’ll all share a memory that lasts a lifetime. That is something that money and fame from the professional leagues can’t buy. It’s unquantifiable.

This is why March Madness is so captivating. Whether you know the sport deeply or not, everyone can relate to the moments these kids are having on the court. We’ve all had moments in a sports league that we will never forget. Moments that seem random or just another day to most, that is forever etched in our hearts and minds. We get to see that on live TV for weeks, every single March. These are kids, after all. But something about March Madness makes us all kids again, even for just a couple moments.

That is why March Madness is so captivating.