Women’s Track and Field and Cross Country: A primer

Posted on May 2, 2023

So many sports, so much to learn and experience.  While most of us are familiar with sports that have a ball, bat or stick, some sports are powered by the ability to run fast and throw hard.  Let’s take a look at Track and Field as we prepare for the end of the spring sports collegiate season.

Over 250 NCAA member institutions sponsor Division I track and field teams, and each year, these teams hope to compete in the championship meet.

The NCAA Division I Women’s Track and Field and Cross Country Committee selects and announces the participants for the NCAA Division I Women’s Outdoor Track and Field Championships preliminary competitions.

There are two preliminary meets, one for the east region and one for the west region. The qualifiers out of these two regions will compete in the NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Track and Field Championships.

In individual events at the NCAA outdoor track and field championships, winners are decided by their performance. Student-athletes can win first, second, third and more based on how they finish. The winner is decided by who finishes first in track events and who scores the highest in certain field events. In combined events, the winner is the competitor who scored the highest total number of points for all events.  In addition to individual finishes and accolades, individual participants are awarded points for their team. Every team starts a meet with zero points and only can win points from a competitor’s performance.

Here is a comprehensive guide to the NCAA DI outdoor track and field championships, for fans of every level.

How the outdoor track and field championships work | NCAA.com

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