Best Cigar Lounges (Part 1): Cigar Rolling Guy

Best Cigar Lounges (Part 1): Cigar Rolling Guy

Best Cigar Lounges (Part 1): Cigar Rolling Guy 405 460 The Ultimate Lineup

As you travel through the United States following your favorite teams there are great cigar lounges to visit along the way.  As there are many great cigar lounges, we cannot list them all in one post.  Look for more of these posts in the coming weeks.

Let’s get started:

Casa de Montecristo:  There are several of these cigar lounges throughout the country.  The lounges have very large walk-in humidors with a great selection of cigars.  They have big smoking areas, with a full bar and good food served in their restaurants.

Corona Cigar Company:  They have an incredible selection of all types of cigars at very good pricing.  The décor is of Nicaraguan flair with nice Latin music playing in the background.  They have a full selection at their bar.  They are located in Orlando, Florida.

The Upstairs:  This is a cozy cigar lounge in Bloomfield, New Jersey with a nice selection of cigars.  A very friendly staff.  They have a full kitchen for appetizers, lunch & dinner.

Casa Fuents:   Visit this high-end cigar lounge with a great selection of cigars located in Las Vegas.  They specialize in Arturo Fuente cigars but they many other major brands.

Neptune Cigars:  Neptune is located in Florida and has two locations.  They also have a good selection of cigars with a very knowledgeable staff.

Davidoff of Geneva:  The original store is in New York City.  It was established in 1911.  This is a high-end lounge with a strong selection of cigars.  They host private events and a full bar.  They have several locations throughout the U. S.

Shelley’s Back Room:  Located in the heart of Washington D. C., you can expect to find the political crowd in attendance.  This is a casual but elegant cigar tavern.  They serve lunch and dinner and have a full bar.

Soho Cigar Bar:  Soho is located in New York City.  It is decorated as a sophisticated Speak Easy.  They host private parties as well as serving lunch and dinner along with your favorite cocktail parties.

These are only a few of the top cigar lounges.  As you travel visit some of these cigar bars along the way.  They mainly specialize in their own brands but have many of the popular cigars available. Light up a cigar with someone you don’t know and all of a sudden, your friends!

Lite ‘em up and enjoy.

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