Different Strokes for different folks: Swimming

Different Strokes for different folks: Swimming

Different Strokes for different folks: Swimming 1920 2560 The Ultimate Lineup

As the summer begins its winddown it is not too late to learn new swimming strokes.  It is a skill that will last you forever and give you a lifetime of enjoyment.  Whether you want to learn how to swim for competition, exercise, or safety, it’s best to learn several different swimming strokes as each offer different advantages in different situations.

The different types of swimming styles and strokes mainly include the freestyle stroke, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly stroke, and sidestroke.  For competition, the versatility will allow swimmers to compete in multiple events. For exercise, different muscles are used for different strokes, so learning all of the strokes provides a more comprehensive workout. For safety, different strokes can be used depending on the dangers of a particular situation.

There are different types of swimming strokes that are recognized in the world of competitive swimming. Each has its own cadence, timing, and technique to master. The four main swim strokes are:

Freestyle/Front Crawl: The front crawl is likely the first swimming stroke you think of when you picture swimming. It is commonly called the freestyle stroke as most swimmers choose to use this stroke in freestyle events as it is the fastest.

Backstroke: The backstroke requires similar movements to the front crawl, but it is done, as the name suggests, on your back. Doctors often recommend this stroke to individuals with back problems as it provides a great back workout.

Breaststroke: The breaststroke is the slowest competitive swimming stroke, and it is the most commonly learned stroke. It’s often taught to beginner swimmers because it does not require putting your head underwater.

Butterfly Stroke: The butterfly stroke is one of the most difficult swimming strokes to learn and requires a lot of strength and coordination. It is also one of the fastest swimming strokes.

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