Friday Sip N Smoke

Friday Sip N Smoke

Friday Sip N Smoke 1920 2560 The Ultimate Lineup

Welcome to today’s edition of the Friday Sip N Smoke! After a long week, there’s few ways to better prepare for the weekend than with a cigar and a drink! In fact, there’s fewer better combinations out there.

Today’s Sip N Smoke combo is a freshly hand rolled cigar and Vodka, olives, and olive juice, neat in a rocks glass!


We’re going with Vodka, olives, and olives juice in a rocks glass. This is very similar to a Dirty Vodka Martini, but this drink doesn’t have vermouth, and it’s not in a martini glass. For this drink, we’re going with jalapeno stuffed olives, but virtually any olive goes well with this drink. The versatility is key!


Freshly hand rolled cigars are made up of premium Dominican tobacco.  The filler is created with quality mild Dominican tobacco and Sumatra leaf is used as the wrapper.

This is a mild cigar with great flavor.  It draws and burns to perfection.
This is a simple yet standard combination for an after-work Sip N Smoke. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. The mild flavor of the cigar goes well with the olive juice and vodka combination.
This is about getting the weekend started right, and this combination of tastes and flavors will do that.