Gameday Lifestyle: What to wear on gameday

Gameday Lifestyle: What to wear on gameday

Gameday Lifestyle: What to wear on gameday 1024 1024 The Ultimate Lineup

If every day is Gameday then Gameday lifestyle is all about your daily life. Travel, health, beauty, house and home, personal finances, fitness, green living, cosmetics, cooking, interior design, gardening, hobbies, handcrafts, work-life balance — all of these are the interconnected branches that is your lifestyle. Our Gameday blog will be provide strong roots for your ever evolving gameday lifestyle. It will help you learn something new, entertain you and help you stay up-to-date on gameday trends.   So, if you’re looking for tips on what to wear, eat, watch, smoke and drink on game day, this blog can help you find inspiration and ideas.

Not sure what to wear on gameday?

Game day is the perfect opportunity to show off your team spirit and style. Whether you’re tailgating or watching from home, dressing up in your team’s colors is a great way to engage with friends and other fans.  It makes you feel like part of the action.  Whether you’re going to the game or watching from home, it’s important to show your team spirit! Here are some ideas for what to wear if you are going to the game:

Comfortable Clothes

Wear a jersey or t-shirt of your favorite player or the team itself and pair it with jeans, shorts, or a cute skirt. Stay warm and show your team pride with a gameday sweatshirt.  Pair it with jeans or comfy shorts.  Top your outfit off with a gameday hat or beanie.  Don’t’ forget to bring gloves!

Rain Gear and Warm Gear

Make sure you include a jacket or hoodie if it’s chilly outside. If you expect rain or really cold weather, try a windproof, fleece-lined, hooded stadium blanket!

Game Day Tote

When traveling to the stadium, you’ll need a clear tote bag to carry all your essentials.  Most venues that follow the clear bag policy require stadium approved clear bags.  Clear Stadium Bags must not exceed 12″ × 6″ × 12”.  Small clutch bags, which cannot exceed 4.5″ x 6.5″ in size, with or without a handle or strap can be taken into the stadium with one of the clear plastic bags.

Things to Pack in your Tote:

Here’s what to put in your game day tote so you’re prepared for anything:

A small blanket or towel: You’ll want to bring a blanket to sit on whether you’re tailgating or watching the game from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Snacks and drinks: No game day is complete without snacks and drinks! Make sure you check the stadium rules. Do not open water bottlers prior to the game.
  2. Comfortable shoes: You’ll be doing a lot of walking if you’re tailgating, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes.
  3. Essentials: Like your keys, cell phone, tissues, and a chapstick.
  4. If you get really low temps with snow, you may want to keep a few hot hands hand warmers handy.

If you’re watching from home or at a bar or restaurant:

Grab a super cute gameday shirt and add your favorite sweatpants or a pair of your favorite comfortable jeans.

For added gameday spirit wear some traditional eyeblack or try out glitter glam eyeblack stickers.

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