NFL Trade Deadline Surprises?

NFL Trade Deadline Surprises?

NFL Trade Deadline Surprises? 1682 2065 The Ultimate Lineup

The NFL Trade Deadline is today at 4:00pm. This is the last day for top teams and playoff hopefuls to bolster their squads for the stretch run. The good news for fans and teams is that there’s a few high profile players that could offer good returns for both buyers and sellers.

Will the Giants trade Saquon Barkley? They traded Leonard Williams yesterday and at 2-6 are squarely out of the playoff picture. Barkley was hit with the franchise tag in the offseason and has dealt with an injury again this year. The Giants need to add draft capital as they continue their rebuild. Davante Adams, Derrick Henry (though the Titans said he wouldn’t be moved), Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and even Kyler Murray are all big names that could be moved.

However, beyond the players that could be traded, the Trade Deadline offers hope. Hope for buyers looking to bolster their rosters for a playoff push, and hope for sellers who have more work to do before they can make a playoff push themselves. Every team needs something, as even a team as good as the Eagles are making moves with their trade for Kevin Byard.

Optimism and hope for the future are always important in sports, and today’s deadline does that for all teams involved. Who knows..maybe we will have a surprise trade that will shock the NFL, just as we just had in the NBA.