One NFL Team That May Disappoint in 2024 (And How to Bet It!)

One NFL Team That May Disappoint in 2024 (And How to Bet It!)

One NFL Team That May Disappoint in 2024 (And How to Bet It!) 1125 750 The Ultimate Lineup

It’s never too early to talk about the upcoming NFL season! Believe it or not, the NFL season kicks off in just 58 days!

With that in mind, it’s NEVER too early to talk about ways to profit off this. Today, we will be talking about an under the radar Futures bet that is + money and could be worth a look.

Baltimore Ravens Team Total Wins Under 10.5 (+112 FanDuel)

As of this writing, the Ravens are favored to win 11 or more games this year. It makes sense, given the Ravens went 13-4 last year and were the number 1 seed in the AFC. However, there’s reason to think they’ll take a step back this year. First off, they play in the AFC North. Top to bottom, that’s the toughest division in football. The Bengals get Joe Burrow back healthy, the Steelers have arguably the best defense in the league and should have improved QB play, and despite playing QB carousel last year, the Browns made the playoffs, somehow led by Joe Flacco!

In addition to those 6 divisional games, they have road games against the Chiefs, Cowboys, Chargers, Buccaneers, and Texans, and home games against the Eagles and Bills. That’s a TOUGH schedule! It also goes without saying that for the Ravens to accomplish their goals this season, Lamar Jackson HAS TO stay healthy. However, as a running QB, his chances of injury increase exponentially.

With their tough schedule, it’s not that crazy to think they can be 3 games worse than they were last year. If you bet $100 on it right now, you’d win $112 (getting a total of $212 back).

Betting on Futures is a great way to be engaged all season long. It gives you something to root for every single week, and it’s hard to beat that!