Picks For 11-14

Picks For 11-14

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Xam’s Gem(s):

Nets Money Line -152

The Nets have seemingly played in close games all year. They have given up 94 or less points in each of their last 2 games at home. The Magic have scored 103 or less points in 3 of their last 7 games and could struggle again tonight. The Nets have only played one game since November 10th, so they should be well rested for this game. The Nets have more experience and have played top teams tough at home, nearly beating the Bucks and scoring 114 points against the Celtics earlier this month.

Jets Money Line -146

The Jets have scored 5 or more goals in 3 of their last 4 games, and the Devils have been hot and cold while dealing with key injuries. They also aren’t getting great goalie play, as they’ve given up 4 or more goals in 3 of their last 4 games. The Devils will need the offense to pick it up in tonight’s game, and it’s not clear they have the capabilities to do so in a tough environment.

Xam’s Prop(s):

Cade Cunningham Over 1.5 Made 3s -148

Cade loves to shoot, and this is a game that can feature a lot of points. Cunningham can be streaky, but he should have plenty of chances to come through tonight.

Spencer Dinwiddie Over 1.5 Made 3s -128

Dinwiddie will continue to see more minutes with guys like Cam Thomas and Ben Simmons out, and Dinwiddie is shooting 3s at a stellar 38% rate this year. This is a good spot for him to get more minutes and more shots.

Jalen Suggs Over 6.5 Rebounds + Assists -132

On the road in his last 10 games, Suggs is averaging just under 6 rebounds per game and over 2 assists per game. He’s also playing more this year, averaging 2 more minutes per game than he’s averaged in his career. The Magic need Suggs to keep the offense moving, and he has a willingness to get dirty to try and get some rebounds.

Franz Wagner Over 26.5 Points + Rebounds + Assists -120

Franz has scored 21 or more points in 3 of his last 5 games, has 5 or more rebounds in 4 straight games, and multiple assists in each of the last 5 games. He’s a multi-faceted player who should be heavily involved once again in a game that may feature more offense than expected.

Spencer Dinwiddie Over 23.5 Points + Rebounds + Assists -115

Dinwiddie is seeing more usage with key players out for the Nets. He played 31 minutes in his last game, so the minutes should be there again tonight. He’s hitting 3s at a 38% clip this year, and he should see plenty of scoring chances tonight.

Rudy Gobert Over 24.5 Points + Rebounds -115

Gobert has scored double digit points and had double digit rebounds in each of his last 5 games. He’s gone for as many as 21 rebounds this year and should have plenty of chances to put up big numbers once again tonight. He’s averaging nearly 3 minutes more per game this year than he is in his career.

D’Angelo Russell Over 1.5 Made 3s -148

Russell is hitting 3s at a 30% rate at home, and the Grizzlies are not always big fans of playing defense. Russell hasn’t hit a 3-point shot in his last 2 games, but he’s taken 5 or more 3-point shots in 7 of 10 games so far this year.

Marcus Smart Over 8.5 Rebounds + Assists -136

In his last 3 games, Smart has 7 assists in 2 of them and has 3 or more rebounds in 2 of them. He’s becoming more active for Memphis, and as his assist numbers show, he has several offensive playmakers to choose to dish to. He also has averaged almost 1 full rebound more per game in his career than what he has this year, so there’s room for him to improve there. This game can turn into a track meet, which would give Smart plenty of chances to find open playmakers.

LeBron James Over 37.5 Points + Rebounds + Assists -118

Despite his advanced age, LeBron is the engine that makes this team go. He’s been efficient from the floor, active on the glass, and finding teammates who can score. This game has the potential to turn into a classic shootout, and the Lakers will need LeBron to be at the center of the festivities. He’s scored 30 or more points in 3 of his last 5 games and has 9 or more rebounds in 3 of his last 5 games. LeBron sat the last game out with a calf injury, so if he returns tonight, he will be well rested and ready to go.