Should we Take Anything Away from Spring Training?

Posted on March 13, 2023

We are smack in the middle of Spring Training, and it’s fair to wonder if we should take anything away from how players and teams are playing. Even with the World Baseball Classic going on, there are still plenty of stars trying to get ready for Opening Day. For example, Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr. had recently been 0-16 in Spring Training. Does this mean he’s bound to struggle early in the season? Or how about the Royals, projected to be one of the worst teams in baseball, being 14-2 in Spring Training? In both of these examples, and in many others, the answer is no, we shouldn’t be taking any of this too seriously. As we all know, it’s a very long season. Guys are trying to ramp up and get ready. Batters are trying to get their swing locked in, and pitchers are trying not overthrow and potentially hurt their arms. Perhaps the Royals are trying to build up some momentum and positive vibes heading into the year. However, this doesn’t change the fact that the Guardians, White Sox, and Twins are all significantly better teams within their own division. And we all know how good Tatis Jr. is, and what he’s capable of doing. Tatis Jr. is suspended to start the year, but this doesn’t take away from his physical talent in the slightest.

In summary, don’t sweat Spring Training! Everyone starts at 0-0 on Opening Day, and that’s when fans and bettors should take things seriously!

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