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The girls won.  They deserve their trophy.

Posted on March 6, 2023

As reported in The Comeback, a group of fifth-grade girls in Hoover, Alabama was forced to play against boys in a recreational youth league. And not only did they compete, they also beat the boys and won the league’s championship – but the league decided not to give them the trophy or name them champions.

The girls have played in a competitive girls’ league for three years but were told they could not continue to use the city’s gyms for their practices unless they joined the city’s youth recreational league, meaning they would have to play with boys. They did that and fought their way to the league’s championship game. But before the game, they were told that they could play in the game but would not be allowed to have the trophy if they won, according to Jayme Mashayekh, whose daughter was on the team.

While the city of Hoover reviews the issue, these girls deserve the recognition they have earned.

Girls basketball team denied trophy after beating boys for championship (

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