The Key to Being a Winning Sports Bettor

The Key to Being a Winning Sports Bettor

The Key to Being a Winning Sports Bettor 1707 2560 The Ultimate Lineup

Who doesn’t want to know the key to being a winning sports bettor?!

There’s no debating that sports betting is a game filled with highs and lows. There may be no better feeling when you win a bet, and no worse feeling when a bet loses. And of course, some wins and losses are tougher than others. Just the other day, we had a few Picks come right down to the wire where we easily could have won, but ended up suffering some tough losses.

As any experienced bettor or gambler knows, that comes with the territory. Just like when it comes to our favorite teams, sometimes our bets look good up until the very end, when the closer blows it or our team blows a big 4th quarter lead. It can be tough to separate the emotions with the objective analysis as to how or why you won or lost a bet. However, the key to being a winning sports bettor isn’t just about how well you analyze the teams playing or the venue at which the game is being played at. The key here is being as calm and patient as possible. There are a lot of similarities between sports betting and the stock market. Some days your portfolio will go up, and some days your portfolio will go down. However, do you often sit there and watch how your portfolio is doing every second of the day? Do you even look everyday? For many, the answer to both questions is no. In fact, if you’re invested in broad based index funds or another vehicle that holds several different stocks, you may not even know every single company in your portfolio. However, you have the confidence that over the course of time, your portfolio will rise in value. The same should be true for sports betting. Yes, it is fun and there is plenty of enjoyment and entertainment to be had. However, if we’re patient and understand that losing happens, but over time we will be successful, that’ll put us in a better position to succeed, and will actually make our chances of being successful more likely.

Some games will win unexpectedly, and some will lose unexpectedly. That will be true forever. However, if we can take our emotions out of the equation, we will enjoy ourselves more and raise the prospects of being a winning sports bettor. That is a winning combination.