The Taylor Swift Effect

The Taylor Swift Effect

The Taylor Swift Effect 150 150 The Ultimate Lineup

Over the past couple of weeks, it has been rumored that Taylor Swift and Chiefs superstar tight end Travis Kelce have been seeing each other. Well, the rumors were confirmed when Taylor Swift arrived for the Chiefs game against the Chicago Bears this past weekend. She sat in the corporate box with Travis’s mother, in other words.

Taylor Swift may be the most influential person in the world. Between Instagram and Twitter, she has approximately 368 million followers! In fact, there’s already quantifiable ways to show just how much Taylor Swift has already influenced people both in terms of Travis Kelce and football in general:

  • There has reportedly been a 400% increase in Kelce jersey sales
  • New Heights, the podcast featuring the Kelce brothers, now ranks #1 on Apple
  • Kelce has added hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers
  • The Bears/Chiefs game was the most watched game this week with 24.3 million viewers, despite the Chiefs being up by as much as 41 points at one point
  • A reported increase of 63% in female viewers aged 18-49

There’s also reports about big increases in searches on the web for “Chiefs”, increase of sales on Stubhub, and the Chiefs reportedly sold more tickets in a single day since the start of the season. However, the thing the NFL likes and what is really interesting to see is the increase in viewership from females. It goes without saying that most NFL fans are males. However, as is always the case, the NFL is looking for ways to expand. The best way for them to do that is by attracting female viewership. Does Taylor Swift have that kind of power and sway? Maybe. There’s certainly a possibility there. She has millions and millions of raving fans. The NFL is already the most popular sport in America thanks to fantasy sports and sports betting, among other reasons. However, it could be a total gamechanger if more women start watching the game.

This is fun and wholesome content that is easy for everyone to get behind. However, there’s also to be excited about this for legitimate business reasons. The NFL always seems to come out on top, and this is just the latest example. The next episode of New Heights should be a doozy…