The Uniqueness of Betting on the NFL Draft

The Uniqueness of Betting on the NFL Draft

The Uniqueness of Betting on the NFL Draft 1260 523 The Ultimate Lineup

The NFL Draft is important because it’s how teams look towards the future. Whether a team is drafting their next franchise quarterback, trying to rebuild their secondary, or trading their picks, it’s all done in an effort to get to and reach the Super Bowl.

Of course, this offers the unique chance for bettors across America to not only watch and enjoy the spectacle, but bet on the event as well! The amount of ways to bet on the Draft is dependent on which state you reside in, given the heavy compliance nature of these kinds of markets.

You can bet on which cornerback will be the first one drafted, the exact order of the top 3 picks, how fast someone will be drafted, which position the Rams will draft with their first pick, how many QBs will be drafted in the 1st round, which team will draft Bo Nix, and on and on! The possibilities are endless!

Tread carefully when wagering on these markets. It’s not like betting on the Lakers to win or Pete Alonso to hit a home run. These NFL Draft markets are hard to predict. As fans, we can all think back to times when we were SHOCKED certain players were drafted when they were.

One unique bet on the draft that looks interesting is Blake Corum Under 80.5 Draft Position. This is a bet that says the bettor thinks Corum will be drafted within the first 80 picks of the draft. It doesn’t matter what team takes him and it doesn’t matter if he’s the 2nd pick or the 80th pick. If he’s still on the board at 81 or higher, the bet loses. Corum is one of the better running backs in the draft, and he received a lot of national attention as a member of the Michigan Wolverines, the team that won the CFB Playoff, of course. His former coach is now in the NFL and the team he coaches, the Chargers, just lost former starting running back Austin Ekeler to injury. Corum will surely receive a lot of interest from teams!

The NFL Draft is designed to be fun and exciting for fans of all teams. By being able to bet on the event, it’ll only serve to enhance your weekend experience!