What to Drink While Watching Preseason Football

What to Drink While Watching Preseason Football

What to Drink While Watching Preseason Football 1124 750 The Ultimate Lineup

In order to celebrate the return of an entire weekend filled with NFL football, we have to decide on what we’re drinking! Regardless of where you reside physically, fans everywhere can enhance their experience this weekend with the proper drink.

What is the “proper” drink, though? Of course, there’s no right answer. It’s hard to find many things that go together better than beer and football. Beer and sports in general have been paired perfectly together for decades! There’s a reason beer has been sold in stadiums for all these years, after all.

Depending on where you live physically, you’ll often end up seeing people drinking different types of alcoholic beverages while watching their favorite teams play. In the Northeast, you’re bound to find all sorts of beers being consumed, as well as classic cocktails such as a Manhattan or Old Fashioned. In the South, however, you’ll find something else entirely. After all, what goes better together than bourbon and football?! We all know the South loves their sweet tea and bourbon. Depending on how the game is going, fans in the South may need an extra tall glass of their favorite bourbon.

And if you look to the West, craft cocktails can steal the show. Whether it’s a Tequila Sunrise, Mai Tai, or a Zombie, you can always find a modern cocktail to enjoy with two professional football teams in town. Of course, California is also known for its wine, which can also pair perfectly with an early afternoon football game on Sunday.

It’s important to remember that while football unites us all, differences in culture, history, and geography can determine what fans are drinking during gameday. However, as long as your football experience is enhanced with your favorite drink, that’s all that matters.

Cheers to you on this and every other gameday during the upcoming CFB and NFL seasons!