Who Has the Most Pressure on Them This Weekend?

Who Has the Most Pressure on Them This Weekend?

Who Has the Most Pressure on Them This Weekend? 150 150 The Ultimate Lineup

The Chiefs, Ravens, Lions, and 49ers are all one win away from reaching the Super Bowl. Obviously, only 4 teams get to say this every year, so even getting to the Championship Game is an accomplishment. However, the pressure also rises exponentially. Each play is scrutinized. Every yard gained or lost is put under the microscope. Every single player and coach has pressure on them to not only perform optimally but to not make any critical mistakes.

However, some players and coaches have more pressure on them than others. The superstar QB and head coach will of course have more pressure than the linemen on Special Teams. So is there more pressure on guys like Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Jared Goff? Of course. But no one will overly criticize them if they lose. Jackson is likely going to win the MVP award, Mahomes has already had a Hall of Fame career and is an underdog in this game, and Jared Goff has led the Lions to having one of the best seasons in their entire history as a franchise.

The single person, player or coach, that has the most pressure on him this weekend is 49ers QB Brock Purdy. Purdy had an up and down game against the Packers, to say the least. He didn’t have any turnovers, but that wasn’t due to him protecting the ball. It was more about the Packers not catching the ball when Purdy threw it to them. If they made those plays, the Packers likely would’ve won the game. However, with his team down 21-17 and missing his top wide receiver, in adverse conditions, Purdy led a game winning touchdown drive and made several really good throws to get the 49ers down the field.

There’s plenty of things working in Purdy’s favor. The 49ers are favored by about a touchdown in this game. They have an extra day of rest, as they played Saturday night. Purdy, generally speaking, has better weapons and some would argue the best overall team. His head coach, Kyle Shanahan, is one of best and brightest offensive minds in the game. However, Deebo Samuel is still dealing with the shoulder injury that forced him out of the game last weekend. If Purdy can’t get past the Lions with all of the inherent advantages he has, it’ll only fuel the drive that he’s a product of a great 49ers roster. There are very few outcomes that make Brock look good in a losing effort. Sure, the Lions could win a 37-33 type shootout, but the odds are that if Brock plays well, the 49ers will win, and perhaps even win comfortably.

It’s a great fortune to have this kind of pressure as an athlete, because it means you’re in a position to win or do great things. However, it can also be very unfortunate. Pressure comes with responsibility. It’ll be fascinating to see how Purdy plays. It can be fairly argued it’s the biggest game of his career, and a game that will, for better or worse, likely change the trajectory of his entire career.