WiST: Women In Sports Tech

WiST: Women In Sports Tech

WiST: Women In Sports Tech 792 450 The Ultimate Lineup

Women In Sports Tech (WiST) is a nonprofit organization aimed at expanding career opportunities and enhancing pathways for women throughout the sports technology industry.  There is a total of 23 WiST partners, and they include companies such as the Comcast NBCUniversal SportsTech Accelerator, IBM Sports, Nike, NBA/WNBA and AEG Worldwide.  The collaboration with these companies will expand opportunities through fellowships, mentoring and other initiatives for women of all backgrounds and ages interested in the field, accelerating and widening work possibilities for women.

The partner investments are designed to diversify pathways for women and ultimately lead to more women gaining and retaining work. The program allows people to carry on their passion for sports while marrying it to their interest in STEM. It exposes participants to a number of specialties related to sports technology, including data science, artificial intelligence, engineering, analytics, biometrics, biomechanics and product development. Opening the doors for women, who currently make up less than 24% of those in the tech industry, will help shift the landscape and tackle the growing gender disparity.


The mission at WiST is to drive transformative growth opportunities for women and employers in the sports tech industry, from the classroom to the boardroom.  WiST develops and delivers innovative programs, original content and a global community that provide tangible value that drives business success.  WiST offers a proven suite of solutions for partners to integrate into programs, including:

WiST NETWORK+ Single source for diverse hiring in the sports tech industry

WiST Fellowship Summer internships for college, grad and PhD students

WiST Next Gen Inspiration for sports and STEM studies for high school students

WiST Presents Engaging and educational original content featuring sports tech leaders

WiST Fireside Chats Conversations around Culture and Sports Tech Careers

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