Don’t Overvalue the Super Bowl

Don’t Overvalue the Super Bowl

Don’t Overvalue the Super Bowl 474 266 The Ultimate Lineup

Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll be inundated with bets on the Super Bowl, all the different prop bets, and of course, six and seven figure wagers on the game.

Don’t fall for the hoopla. The Super Bowl is one of, if not the biggest, single sporting event in the world. It’ll be watched by over 100 million people across the world. The attention around this game is simply unrivaled. What does this mean from a betting perspective? It means the lines from the Sportsbooks will never be tighter. Sportsbooks generate their best lines when the games have more attention on them. Part of the reason they’re willing to accept bigger wagers on the game and offer all these unique Prop bets that they don’t typically offer during the regular season is because of their confidence. Price confidence has a lot to do with how much you can bet on the game.

Keep in mind that there’s plenty of action from now until the Super Bowl. There’s going to be hundreds of college basketball games. Plenty of NBA and NHL action. There’s always soccer on somewhere in the world. Winning a bet on any of these sports is no different than winning a bet on the Super Bowl. Betting on the Super Bowl is fine, of course! Part of the reason the Super Bowl has gotten even more popular is because of sports betting. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, just realize that plays into what Sportsbooks want to see. You’d never be able to bet the same amount on a basketball game during the regular season as you would on the Super Bowl. When you remember that’s because Sportsbooks are more confident on their Super Bowl pricing, you’ll stop putting the Super Bowl on such a pedestal.

The Super Bowl is going to be a great game between two great teams and two great franchises. The Super Bowl is just one game on the docket in the next couple of weeks. Stay focused and stay disciplined. That’s what it takes to be a winning sports bettor long-term.