How to Bet on the NBA All-Star Game

How to Bet on the NBA All-Star Game

How to Bet on the NBA All-Star Game 1170 662 The Ultimate Lineup

The NBA All-Star Game is coming up!

This Sunday, at 8:00pm, the NBA’s best will gather in Indiana at Gainbridge Fieldhouse, the home of the Indiana Pacers. It’s the 73rd edition of the All-Star Game. This is when the best players in the league will come together and celebrate.

It will also be a big game to bet on. Bettors love betting on this game. As is always the case, you can bet on the spread, money line, or the total. You can also bet on a certain player having over or under a projected point total. Given that the biggest superstars in the league are playing in a primetime game on TV, there will be plenty of ways to bet this game if you so choose.

Our recommendation: Don’t bet on the game. For starters, it’s an exhibition game, and if you think the regular season lacks defense, just wait until you see this game. That’s why the total is set so high! For the total to hit as of now, there needs to be 91 points EVERY QUARTER! It’ll be virtually impossible to predict the minutes that each starter will play. That’s why the total for each superstar player is much lower than it would for them in a regular season game.

Given how hard it would be handicap this game, we recommend looking elsewhere. On Sunday, there will be multipke NHL games, a full slate of NCAAB games, plenty of soccer games as always, and more!

As we have said in the past, don’t ever feel like you have to bet on any game. Just because it’s on TV, or popular among betting analysts or online, it doesn’t mean you have to make a bet. There’s always something else to bet on. There’s always another day to bet.

Frankly, there’s no reason to bet on the NBA All-Star Game. There’s plenty of more worthwhile games for you to put your hard earned money on.