Lamb Chops & Vegetables

Lamb Chops & Vegetables

Lamb Chops & Vegetables 1920 2560 The Ultimate Lineup

It’s hard to think of a better gameday meal than lamb chops and vegetables! Whether you’re cooking before you watch your favorite team, cooking for your family, or just grilling on the deck, this recipe is perfect for any occasion!

We believe cooking on the grill makes everything tastes better. We are grilling bone-in lamb chops with asparagus and string beans. This recipe has 9 lambchops.

Put all the ingredients in a bowl:

½ cup of olive oil

1 table spoon of lemon juice

½ table spoon of kosher salt

½ table spoon of pepper

½ table spoon of garlic powder


Use a brush to apply the marinade on both sides of the chops.

For the vegetables:

Sprinkle a little olive oil equally over the vegetables.

1 tablespoon of chicken rub.


Then put the lamb chops directly on the grill.

Spray a grill grid with olive oil.  Then put the vegetables on the grid and then put the grid on the grill.

Let both cook for 7 minutes.  Turn over the lamb chops and toss the vegetables and let it cook for another 6 ½ minutes.

That’s it! This recipe is simple, yet it’s packed with flavor, color, and deliciousness. That’s what makes it the perfect gameday meal