Xam’s Daily Gems 3-4

Xam’s Daily Gems 3-4

Xam’s Daily Gems 3-4 150 150 The Ultimate Lineup

Xam’s Daily Gems:

Golden Knights 60 Minute Money Line -120 DraftKings

(For this bet to win, the Golden Knights must win in regulation. Bet loses even if the Golden Knights win in OT/Shootout.)

Risk: 6 Units

To Win: 5 Units

The Golden Knights completely no showed in their last game, losing 7-2 in Buffalo. Now, they head to Columbus to continue their road trip against one of the worst teams in the league in the Blue Jackets. Vegas has been struggling recently. They’ve lost 2 straight games and 5 of their last 6. This losing streak has seen them fall to 6th place in the Western Conference. Vegas has been solid overall on both the offensive and defensive ends. They’re scoring 3.24 goals per game this year, and even during this recent 6 game slide, they’re scoring 3.5 goals per game. The issue has been their defense. They’ve only given up 179 goals on the year, or 2.93 per game. Ironically, this is one goal more than the Blue Jackets have scored all year. The Blue Jackets have also been bleeding goals. They’ve given up 220 goals on the year, or 3.66 per game. That’s the most goals allowed in the Eastern Conference. Given their defensive struggles, the Golden Knights should be able to score tonight. The key will be what they can do defensively. If Vegas can get back to their usual defensive selves, they should be able to beat a team that has nothing to play for. Vegas has been okay on the road, and Columbus hasn’t shown to have any home ice advantage. Vegas has the experience needed to get it done, and they’ll come out with the urgency they’ll need.

Panthers 60 Minute Money Line +125 DraftKings

Risk: 5 Units

To Win: 6.25 Units

(For this bet to win, the Panthers must win in regulation. Bet loses even if the Panthers win in OT/Shootout.)

This is a potential preview of the Eastern Conference Finals. After winning 10 straight games, the Rangers have cooled off by losing 2 of their last 3 games. In both of those losses, they surrendered 4 goals. The Panthers have been nothing short of fantastic defensively this season. They’ve given up by far the fewest goals in the Eastern Conference at 145 goals. That’s just 2.37 goals per game! The Panthers are 9-1 in their last 10 games and have won 4 straight games. These two teams are identical on offense, as evidenced by the Rangers having 204 goals on the year and the Panthers 202. However, the big difference is the goalie play. Sergei Bobrovsky has been excellent this year, playing like one of the best goalies in the league. He’s in the running for the Vezina trophy for a reason, after all. The Rangers have been carried recently by their defense and goalie play, which is a bad matchup considering this is how the Panthers have excelled this season. In recent games, despite their wins, they’ve been getting outshot. Igor Shesterkin has just been on an unbelievable run. However, he did give up 3 goals in his last game and the eventual shootout winner, so he can be beaten. If the Panthers can keep up their defensive intensity, and there’s no reason to think they won’t, the offense should be able to do the rest against a defense that has faltered recently.

Maple Leafs 60 Minute Money Line +120 FanDuel

Risk: 5 Units

To Win: 6 Units

(For this bet to win, the Maple Leafs must win in regulation. Bet loses even if the Maple Leafs win in OT/Shootout.)

Few teams have been hotter than the Maple Leafs recently while fewer teams have been colder than the Bruins lately. The Bruins have lost 4 of their last 5 games, despite 3 of those losses coming in overtime or a shootout. The Maple Leafs are 9-1 in their last 10 games and have wins against really good teams such as the Rangers, Avalanche on the road, and a dominant win in Vegas against the Golden Knights. The Leafs have been led by a dominant offense all year. Their 224 goals scored are the most in the Eastern Conference and 3rd most in the entire league. That’s bad news for the Bruins. The Bruins have given up 37 goals in their last 10 games. They’re just not playing with a ton of confidence right now, and that’s bad news when you have a road game at Scotiabank Arena. The Bruins have been traveling a lot recently, while the Maple Leafs have been enjoying a long homestand. It’s reasonable to expect that the Leafs will be more rested for this pivotal matchup. The key will be what Toronto does defensively. They know how to give up goals, having given up 190 on the year. The Bruins have capable offensive playmakers as well. Toronto has been better defensively in recent games, having given up just 28 goals in their last 10 games. On the other side of the token, the Maple Leafs should be able to score tonight. They have scored 47 goals in their last 10 games! If Toronto can keep up this defensive efficiency, they should be able to continue their recent run of winning games.

Flyers 60 Minute Money Line +110 FanDuel

Risk: 5 Units

To Win: 5.5 Units

(For this bet to win, the Flyers must win in regulation. Bet loses even if the Flyers win in OT/Shootout.)

The Flyers have been scratching and clawing their way towards the playoffs all year. They’ve been “skating” by with solid defense and just barely enough offense. They’re giving up just under 3 goals per game and scoring just over 3 goals per game on the year. However, the Flyers have won two straight home games, including a dominant win against the Lightning, and have scored 36 times in their last 10 games. The Blues, meanwhile, are likely to miss the playoffs due to their own struggling offense. They’re scoring just 2.90 goals per game on the year. On the road, that ticks down to a woeful 2.5 goals per game. In their last 4 games, it’s even worse. The Blues have 6 goals in their last 4 road games and surrendered 17 goals in that stretch. It will be the 3rd game in 4 nights for the Flyers, so rest can be an issue tonight. However, they are the ones with more to play for. Overall, the Flyers are 11-7-2 in their last 20 games at the Wells Fargo Center. If the Flyers can continue their recent run of offensive success, they should be able to beat a team that’s just been horrible on the road in recent games.

Bucks -3.5 -155 DraftKings

Risk: 7.75 Units

To Win: 5 Units

The Bucks have been on fire since the All-Star Break. They’re 5-0 and have been dominating teams. They’ve given up more than 100 points just once, have held opponents to under 100 points in 4 straight games, and have been scoring in droves as well. The Bucks also have a significant rest advantage coming into tonight’s game. They haven’t played since the 1st of March. The Clippers just played a physical game yesterday in Minnesota, are playing their 3rd game in 4 nights, and their 4th game since the 28th. Russell Westbrook is going to be out for a while, and Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are older players who will need some rest as the playoffs come into focus. The Bucks need this game more as they’re jockeying with the Cavs for the 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference. The Clippers also aren’t scoring a lot recently. They have scored more than 107 points just once since the All-Star Break. If the Bucks can continue their dominant defense against a tired team, the offense should be able to do the rest and get the Bucks their 6th straight win.

Kraken/Flames Over 5.5 Goals -124 FanDuel

Risk: 6.2 Units

To Win: 5 Units

The Flames have crept back into the wildcard race thanks to winning 5 straight games and 7 of their last 10. They have gone on this winning streak thanks in large part to their offense, as they’ve scored 36 goals in this stretch. In their last 5 games they’ve been even better, scoring 23 goals, or 4.6 goals per game, in that stretch. It’s a different story for the Kraken. Despite giving up just 2.85 goals per game, they’re barely over .500 and out of the playoff picture because their offense has been nothing short of anemic. They have just 166 goals on the season! However, they’ve been better recently, scoring 4 or more goals 3 times in their last 7 games. This game will come down to what the Kraken can do offensively. The Flames should be able to produce like they have been recently. If we can get something from the Kraken, led by Jared McCann, Jordan Eberle, and Jaden Schwartz, the Flames should be able to care for the rest.

Lakers -1 -108 FanDuel

Risk: 5.40 Units

To Win: 5 Units

The Thunder are coming off a dramatic win last night in Phoenix and are playing their 3rd game in 4 nights. The Lakers are coming into this game pretty well rested, having only played one game since the 29th. In their last game, they were neck and neck with the Nuggets. The Lakers absolutely NEED this win, as they’re tied for the 9/10 spot in the Play-In Tournament with the Warriors. They’re a dominant home team, coming into tonight with a 21-10 record at Crypto.com Arena. The Thunder have gotten to the top of the Western Conference thanks to a dominant offense. They’re averaging 121 points per game. However, in their last 10 games, they’re giving up almost 116 points. This is a tough matchup for a tired young team on the road. The Lakers are desperate coming into this game. Expect the Lakers, led by LeBron James and Anthony Davis, to come out with fire and intensity. If the Lakers can contain OKC’s powerful offense, led by Shai-Gilgeous Alexander, the Lakers should get a win they absolutely need to get.